Aditya Raj Singh

Founder of Several Online Businesses and Here to Talk About It.

It all started with a fascination for a particular skill. Quite astonishingly, it led me to the path of an incredible entrepreneurial journey!
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Hello, I'm Aditya Raj Singh.

I dropped out of high-school at 16 to start my own business and founded Stallion Cognitive, a marketing agency that specializes in bringing old-school financial businesses online.

I’m the founder of BNCW Enterprises, the parent company that manages my ventures and offers innovative online solutions to empower small and mid-sized businesses.

My other ventures include Acrux Cloud, a cloud hosting platform where someone with no tech expertise can experience the power of VPS hosting for WordPress with no hassles, and NamasteFinance, a financial blog helping the Indian masses build a solid and healthy financial future.

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My Companies.

Stallion Cognitive

A marketing agency that’s laser-focused on making financial businesses successful online. It offers everything they need under one roof. 100% bootstrapped.
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Acrux Cloud

The power of VPS cloud hosting without the hassle associated with it. Acrux Cloud delivers the best of both worlds to customers new to online space!
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BNCW Enterprises

A company with a global presence that delivers innovative marketing solutions that takes traditional businesses online in the most powerful way.
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What CEOs say about Me.

“I’ve been working with Aditya for three years now for SEO and it has been a pleasure. I have referred him to a dozen people already, and all of them have been very glad that I made that suggestion.”
Ryan Scribner
Scribner Media, LLC
"Aditya's work is exceptional. Our site had a former manager who was not responsive. Aditya is extremely responsive and communicates his strategies very well. I highly recommend him."
Edward Canty
"Stallion Cogntive can whip up a pretty impressive website in record time. Aditya was very prompt in responding and kept us the loop on how long things would take. Great experience all around."
Apple Crider
Investing Simple, LLC

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