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I make videos to help you learn the basics of personal finance, investing and productivity and hopefully help you grow your income and live a financially successful life!
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Meet The Team

If there’s one thing that connects the entire team, it’s the passion to make the channel in establishing a remarkable presence in Indian financial cult and making the most out of the digital age opportunity.
Aditya Raj Singh Headshot
Aditya is the host and the brain behind the success of many financial firms online. He has 7 years of experience doing YouTube and currently donning the hat of a finance content creator.
Aditya Raj Singh
Rohan is an experienced video editor for financial corporate Identity. Driven by passion, he takes pride in providing the best designs. His goals include unique and fresh look to every video.
Rohan Agarwal
Video Editor
Raj is an expert freelance writer specializing in personal finance. He’s the guy you would trust if your life depended on the content in your videos or on your website!
Raj Joshi
Rishi builds the foundation of content strategy with his keyword research and technical analysis.
Rishi Lodha
Data Analyst

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If you want to discuss something about business, affiliate or sponsorship, feel free to reach out to me below.
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