Written on March 1, 2021

How I Got Over Imposter Syndrome

I decided not to post this, because I convinced myself that no one will be interested, But I couldn’t let Imposter Syndrome win over me again, right?

There’s a lot to say about Imposter Syndrome and How real it is. I’ll try to put it in as simple words as I can, please try to follow through...

So Basically, What is Imposter Syndrome?

Do you ever think I’m a fraud and everyone will find about it? Do you ever feel, My work is not good enough, or I don’t deserve this payment.

This exact feeling, this thought process is Imposter Syndrome. The feeling of being unworthy of something you work hard for, the thought of not being good enough is what exactly Imposter Syndrome.

To this some people would say, this is normal; most people go through it; it’s nothing to worry about.

If you are someone like this, I have bad news for you, my friend. Imposter Syndrome is as real as any mental illness and we ignore it the same way we ignore stress, by saying "It is not real, we’re just overthinking”. But again, this is a symptom that you have Imposter Syndrome.

See the vicious circle?

Now that some of you reading this might have done a self analysis and realized that on some level, you too have Imposter Syndrome and now have the question in mind

“How do I Stop this?”

So here I’m sharing some tips which I used myself to get rid of Imposter Syndrome and Excel at what I do.

Address it

It’s important, more than you think!

The problem with Imposter syndrome it makes us underestimate things, our talent, our hard work, and even the problem itself. So what better way to kill neglect than to address it!

Once you know and make yourself understand about Imposter Syndrome, stand in front of your mirror and say it out loud…

“I have Imposter Syndrome but I will not let it win. I work hard in what I do and I AM NOT A FRAUD,”

Repeat it till the day you defeat this monster.

Focus on Providing Value for your clients

The fastest way to get over the feeling like a fraud it to help someone, Guide your client in something you don’t get paid for, Go the extra mile while researching and providing on any project.

Trust me, The feel of satisfaction will come by!

Own up to your efforts

If you are Someone who has Imposter syndrome, and you feel like a fraud like ALL THE DAMN TIME, you gotta cut some slack for yourself.

Count your hard work and make others count them. Believe in yourself.

And even if, on some bad days, if you feel like a Fraud, give yourself some credit, because really, 

It’s difficult to be a fraud and fool so many people at once. Give yourself some credit.

Being wrong does not make you a fraud

This is big!

When I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome, whenever I made a teeny tiny mistake, the switch in my brain used to go off like

“I’m a Fraud, I’m worthless, and I’m looting my client.”

But it was not true. Because everyone makes mistakes, it’s as natural as blinking. Making mistakes should be a reminder to you are doing stuff. You’re making shit happen and not that you’re a fraud.

Again, Cut some slack!

When you’re not providing, you are holding back from the world

This is simple and accurate, really!

You are someone, Someone good. You provide something, Something that the world wants. If you don’t provide the world what you’re good at, you are robbing them. You are robbing them of receiving something as good as their desire.

Just get a note to yourself, If you don’t provide your services, your clients will get it done from someone who is not as good as you, and in the bigger picture, the world will not get to its full potential.

And I’m not kidding here. Everyone in this whole wide world is important. Everyone has their contributions to make.

And you. You are here for so much more than just being a fraud. You should own up to it, otherwise, you will not only fail yourself, you will fail the world and fail the bigger motive of you being here.

The world is so much more than you being just a Fraud. Think about it!

Concluding it, all I have to say is that Imposter Syndrome is the enemy you can easily defeat by believing in yourself.

And trust me, If I can defeat it, so can you!

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