Written on April 3, 2021

How Reading Eat That Frog! Can Help You Boost Productivity

If you're serious about improving your productivity, then it's time to get started by reading Eat that Frog! This book is a great resource for anyone who struggles with procrastination and has trouble getting things done.

It teaches you how to start every day with the hardest task on your list so that you can accomplish more before noon. It also helps teach people self-discipline as they learn to overcome their natural tendency of putting off difficult tasks in favor of easier ones. If this sounds like something you want in your life.

This book helps teach people self-discipline as they learn over time not only what tasks are most important but which ones should be given priority first thing each morning. Here are some lessons that I found to be helpful.

Lesson 1: The Importance Of Planning Your Day In Advance And Setting.

Eat that frog! explains how planning your day in advance can be beneficial. If you plan to do something, it will help avoid any last-minute emergencies that may arise and cause stress later on. It's always good to set a routine for yourself so that the days don't seem entirely unpredictable!

Lesson 2: The 80/20 rule states that 20% of your efforts will lead to 80% of the results.

The 80/20 rule is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it? One in which about 20% of the work produces over half. When applied to business and careers, this means that you're much more likely to see a huge return on what can seem like little effort if one pays close attention.

Lesson 3: Creative procrastination can lead to amazing things.

It is a well-known fact that procrastination has many negatives and only one thing going for it. If you're not feeling motivated, the thought of getting something done just might push you into action! There are times where people don't think they can accomplish their tasks in time so instead of putting off all things until last minute - which may be more successful than we know - some choose to focus on what's most important first. Procrastinating does have its place when used correctly and creatively.

Lesson 4: What are your strengths? Knowing what skills you have is important.

Identifying the key skills that can help you achieve better and faster results is a smart move. It's important to know what your field will need in the future, so don't wait! With this information at hand make plans for how to develop those skills as well.

Identify which skill sets are most beneficial by considering where they might be needed down the road or even just taking some time out of each day to think about it - whatever they are- set goals, create a plan and start developing these competencies now while there's still plenty of time left before you have no choice but rely solely on them.

Lesson 5: Make sure to block out large chunks of time.

I'm a big fan of using large blocks of time to work on tasks. If you set aside three hours to write blog posts, for example, you'll be more likely to get the job done than if you commit only twenty minutes at a time.

Also, you should never stop looking for different ways to save, schedule, and consolidate large chunks of time. Use these times wisely by focusing on the most important tasks with long-term consequences.

Conclusion: An excellent book that explains how to prioritize tasks

Overall, Eat that frog! is a great resource for anyone who struggles with procrastination and has trouble getting things done. It teaches you how to start every day by tackling the hardest task on your list so that before noon, there's more accomplished than if it were tackled later in an afternoon slump or evening when we're tired from work/life commitments.

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